Thursday, 20 January 2011


These three ATCs are for a swap on UKStampers. The theme was open, just each ATC had to be different. I raided my stamp box and found some that I'd forgotten about. It was good fun having a mess and I got to spray Shimmerz everywhere!  

The background was done with Shimmerz spray with a few small pieces of paper used as masks. The girl is stamped and stuck over the top. There's a coating of rock candy stickles but the pic doesn't show that. I love this stamp of the girl and will be using it again soon I'm sure!

I found a spare bit of angelina fibres that I was going to throw and thought it'd make a good background. The image was stamped and coated with mod podge and the crown stuck on. 

The background was done with Shimmerz spray with lighter ink around the outside. I stamped the image twice and stuck the bird on top. Couldn't resist a jaunty orange hat!


  1. Brilliant atc's and i love the bling on them too
    Hugs June

  2. Love these, makes me want to make ATCs again.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to comment-it's much appreciated.And Alana, please do start up the ATCs again-your's are fab!

  4. Just beautiful! I love those stamps. x

  5. Such lovely ATCs.

    Have left something for you on my blog...

    xxx Monica

  6. I love this type of artwork. I am not very consistent at pulling it off though! Great job. :)


Thanks for taking the time to comment-I really appreciate it!