Saturday, 3 March 2012

Take One Stamp swap

Another great swap based around the free Craft Stamper stamp from a month or so ago. It's an Octopode Factory stamp and I love it so couldn't resist joining the swap. The idea is that everyone makes some images to put in a maze book. I haven't finished the maze book yet but the stamped images are ready!

These were stamped on a background of Big and Juicy with French writing (wouldn't you know I stamped the houses the wrong way round so the writing's upside down!). I finished them off with a bit of ribbon which was kindly given to me by Elaine from UKScrappers.

For these I stamped the image on different colour papers then cut and stuck them together. The background is Glimmer Mist finished with Mod Podge. 
I'm looking forward to getting the book finished and sticking everyone's images in.


  1. thats adorable . I have this stamp too but not used it yet :)

  2. Love the stamping and all the misting and colour - they are great.

  3. Ooh my sort of houses! Love what your doing with them. Looking forward to seeing end result

  4. I like these!

    Thanks for the comment on Bath Bomb Creations. Why not join our linky party too!


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