Friday, 3 June 2011

Art from Art- a new CJ!

The first circle journal I did ended up a disaster as it went missing in action. I had such fun doing it though- I've been waiting to join another circle journal for ages.
How could I resist a CJ based on Project Runway- I love that show!
We all have to choose a challenge from the show to base our CJ on. Mine is the art challenge, when the designers had to use a piece of art to inspire their design.

My front cover

I've used a painting of The Lady of Shalott by Waterhouse on the cover because that's what I've used as my inspiration for my layout, along with the poem by Tennyson.

My Intro Pages

My Layout

I used Stampotique's Newt for the layout and stitched The Lady of Shalott's woven tapestry as background. It illustrates my favourite scene from the poem.

 not so hidden journaling tag

Sign in pages

In keeping with the Project Runway theme I thought Heidi and Tim would be great witnesses to the sign in!

I'm looking forward to this CJ and hope I can MAKE IT WORK!


  1. love love love this!

    especially your own layout, very nice interpretation

    and Heidi and Tim at the back :)

    I’m already thinking what piece of art to use as inspiration - I have so many that I love…. decisions decisions!

  2. You are far more talented than you profess... this is amazingly attractive and VERY interesting. Such nice colours and so much hard work gone in there.

    Happy weekend,


  3. That is gorgeous, hope this CJ makes it back to you at then end :D

  4. This is fab :) you should think about selling you know!

  5. Fabulous CJ. You have put lots of love & time into this I hope it comes back home safely to you..xx

    Thank you for your kind comments today. I'm feeling kind of shattered tonight!

    Have a great weekend. Lovely seeing Newt!

  6. This is so fab - love all the sewing and interesting to hear your thought processes behind it - love Project Runway - hope you blog some more.


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