Sunday, 5 June 2011

ATCs-Rochdale Crop.

Yesterday I managed to get to the Rochdale crop again and had a play in Cal's Stampin' Up craft room. Inbetween all the gossiping I found time to make six (yes 6!) ATCs!

Yes, I know it's not Autumn but I loved these leaf stamps!

Loved these sewing ones too!

And flowers!

I now have a very long wish list!


  1. Exquisite work! I love your blog very much! You do great things!

  2. Love these Atcs - especially the sewing ones.

  3. I love the leafy ones, even if it's wishing our lives away into autumn, you just can't go wrong with those colours! Beautiful.

  4. Hi. These are beautiful, and such lovely colours too.
    With love, Sandra xx

  5. Love the leaf stamps. I thought they were real leaves at first!

  6. I say Sharon, a most splendid blog on here :D Your work is just marvellous too!

  7. These are lovely! My favourite is the leaf one. x


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