Saturday, 24 November 2012

Cats rule the world!

While I've been sitting here trying to write up another post the cats have been running around going mad...Kiki, calm down.....Excuse me while I go and find out what they want...

Psst.Cleo...that's right-keep distracting her while I take charge...

Hello Humans.

This is Kiki here

with Cleo on a 'distract the human' operation.


I'm here to tell you about a recent mission we undertook on behalf of Monster Pet Foods.

We were asked to try out some Burgess SupaCat biscuits and let people know what we think about them. 

The first thing we had to do was clean our teeth with a toothbrush. Well, that didn't go down too well. I allowed the human to clean my front teeth but Cleo refused point blank. She preferred to play with it.

The biscuits were aimed at keeping our mouths and teeth clean. They were very crunchy and we loved biting through them. The noise we made was very satisfying! Our human measured the biscuits in a measuring cup as they are a complete meal. I ate them on their own but Cleo has been watching too much Masterchef Australia and preferred to have a bit of wet food with them for texture. 

Here we are enjoying our first taste of the SupaCat biscuits.Can you hear the crunch?

And here is my bowl after I'd finished!

I did go back and eat the last three after a short nap.

We loved the taste of these biscuits and they certainly kept us full and energetic. Our teeth were clean before we started this mission and I can say that our mouths and teeth remained clean with no sign of smelly breath.
We've asked our human to get us some more as we are a bit choosy with our biscuits but would be happy to munch on these again.

Ok can let the human go now....we're done.


  1. very cute! (and I'm not a cat person...)


  2. Gorgeous cat and a cute post. Thanks for sharing and posting such a different and interesting post! x

  3. Oh Sharon, I am loving Kiki and Cleo, they look like my own Tiggy. Thank you for sharing your cats with us.

    Linda xxx

  4. Gorgeous piccies of your cats and I love the way you wrote the post
    Lindsay xx

  5. Sharon just love those photos. Soooo cute and adorable xx

  6. Lol love it:) fab pics too x

  7. Hehe! Great post cats, lovely photos! xx


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